Greenhouse Water Management  

Greenhouse Water Management Systems

Water is as critical to the success of today's commercial greenhouses as heat – which is why Delta T Solutions has spent so much time developing our next generation greenhouse water management systems. Whether you're looking for radiant tube-based or capillary mat warm water irrigation systems… flood floors or benches… large scale automated systems for floor and basket crops… systems that maintain constant water pressure… or water purification systems (coming soon)… you can count on Delta T Solutions to improve greenhouse crop growth and save water.

Greenhouse Water Management Systems include:




The Flood and Bench Irrigation Line for Greenhouse Growers

This next generation of innovative but simple systems from Delta T offers today's growers the highest levels of quality and reliable performance in both flood floors and benches.

Ratus Fischer Grenhouse Flood and Bench Irrigation LineHow it works

Sub-irrigation provides the benefits of quick ebb and flow watering on specially shaped floors and benches for plants in pots or cell packs. Sections are easily filled with 1 to 2 inches of water. Plants draw the water or fertilizer solution into the planting medium through their roots, which allows the plants to be completely watered without becoming waterlogged. Filled sections drain completely in 6 to 10 minutes. The remaining water returns to a reservoir where it is recirculated. System controls operate independently, or can be integrated into a central greenhouse computer. Flood irrigation is normally combined with floor or bench heat, which facilitates separate control of root and foliage temperatures for enhanced growth with less dependence on chemicals.

The benefits

  • Works with many crops
  • Even watering results in uniform plant growth
  • Quick fill and drain lessens watering time and minimizes the risk of disease transfer
  • No runoff means no pollution
  • Water and fertilizer are not wasted
  • Disease is reduced due to dry foliage
  • Open design facilitates growing space for enhanced flexibility and rapid crop rotation
  • Highly reliable, requiring little maintenance Flood and Bench Irrigation
  • Promotes good sanitation
  • Hand watering is virtually unnecessary
  • Excellent payback in quality of crops, ease of operation, lessened maintenance, and environmental compliance

The system
Delta T provides complete system flood floor and bench packages tailored to your operation. These systems consist of the following:

  • Customized design
  • Pumping
  • Filtration
  • Valves
  • Pipes and fittings
  • Controls
  • Installation
  • Supervision


“We can water a lot of plants with very little labor, and we can change our spacing pattern on the floor without being limited by traditional irrigation tubes,” says Brad Wolf of his second Delta T flood irrigation system. “It lets us flood the floor with water, and whatever isn’t taken up by the plants gets returned to our storage tank and gets back out on the floor in the next sections of crops. Sometimes you run into things when you’re building something you hadn’t anticipated, so we have to make changes in the design. With Delta T, we always have a good, clear, open, back-and-forth communication trying to get the best solution.”

— Brad Wolf, President, Green Valley Greenhouse, Ramsey, MN

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Brad Wolf





DELTA-TEMP™ Warm Water Irrigation Systems for Greenhouses
If you're heating your greenhouse and not heating your irrigation water, you're wasting energy!

Consider using our DELTA-TEMP 1™ or DELTA-TEMP 2™ systems. Both were developed to heat irrigation water from a frigid 35°F up to 70°F to eliminate plant thermal shock, while saving the fuel required to reheat the plant after watering with cold water.


In both cases you save energy dollars because the systems respond instantly without requiring large volumes of water. This mean low or no radiation standby loss.


Greenhouse Irrigation: DELTA-TEMP 1™
Greenhouse Irrigation: DELTA-TEMP 2™

DELTA-TEMP 1™ uses an exclusive copper finned tube boiler to control a small buffer tank where irrigation water temperature is controlled by an all-brass tempering valve. If you're heating with unit heaters, or don't have enough boiler capacity, this system has all the equipment you need to provide warm water irrigation.

DELTA-TEMP 2™ uses a plate heat exchanger to transfer the heat from an existing steam or hot water boiler to a small buffer tank where the proper water temperature is maintained. If you have an existing boiler supplying steam or hot water, this system is just like adding an additional zone.


You can rely on the Delta-Temp systems to:

  • Prevent thermal shock to plants
  • Increase rooting and germination rates
  • Increase nutrient mixing
  • Prevent spotting and disease
  • Reduce heating requirements when watering



Delta T Constant Pressure Systems (CPS) for Greenhouses
Consistent water delivery for better plant growth

Greenhouse Irrigation: Delta T Constant Pressure Systems (CPS) Our new Constant Pressure System solves the problem of water system pressure and flow fluctuations with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). This new technology operates the pump and keeps pressure within a close tolerance, ranging from zero to full capacity flow. CPS can utilize any source of water, including ponds, atmospheric tanks, city water supplies, and well storage tanks. Plus it costs no more than much less efficient pump and pre-charged tank systems.
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Here's how the Delta T CPS works

  1. A pressure sensor is placed in the pipe behind the pump. This provides feedback to a VFD.
  2. The Variable Frequency Drive – a solid state controller – converts the pressure signal into a variable frequency three-phase output to the pump.
  3. The pump receives the output and responds. If the water demand is low, the pump will turn just fast enough to either maintain pressure or shut down completely. If the demand is high, the pump will speed up to maintain pressure. There is no need to stage pumps.
  4. Once set, no further supervision or adjustments are needed. Maintenance is limited to normal pump maintenance.

Our Constant Pressure Systems come fully engineered to the flow rate and pressure you specify. Pre-plumbed, prewired, and mounted on a skid, CPS systems install quickly and easily.



Greenhouse Water Treatment Systems

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Tail Water Runoff Control Collection Systems for Greenhouses

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