Optimize Your Growing Environment

Chilled water cooling systems give the humidity and temperature control needed to grow healthy cannabis crops.

by Michael Kovalycsik, National Sales & Marketing Director, Delta T Solutions


Chilled water cooling systems control the humidity and temperature for healthy cannabis crops

Chilled water cooling systems control the humidity and temperature for healthy cannabis crops.

Whether you grow cannabis in a greenhouse or indoor space, your ability to consistently control the growing environment is essential to getting robust and healthy yields.  Both growing environments rely heavily on getting enough light, but each has other challenges in managing the growing environment. 

Greenhouse growers need to manage temperatures so they are consistent and at the right levels for their crops.  Indoor growers, too, need consistent temperatures for good yields, but they also must be concerned about generating excessive humidity.  This can lead to the risk of diseases such as gray mold, botrytis, powdery mildew and others.  And, energy costs may skyrocket if inefficient systems are in place.

The right environment for growing high quality cannabis combines the optimum temperature and humidity level, and growers need precise control to achieve this.

Focus on Humidity Control

A typical indoor HVAC system is not designed to provide the control needed for consistent healthy growing.  AC units will cool the air but can’t provide the humidity control at the level cannabis growers need. 

The DeltaCool™ Chilled Water Cooling system brings together all the elements needed to effectively and consistently control the cannabis growing environment.

This hydronic cooling system controls the relative humidity to an ideal level for growing, by using water as a heat-transfer medium for both cooling and heating. It also controls temperature at the same time, keeping humidity at a safe level (using the sensible cooling approach). 

Temperatures are cooled to at or around dew point, which is best for preventing condensation and humidity that can encourage a variety of diseases in the indoor growing environment. 

All system elements have heavy-duty, industrial-grade construction and are designed for long use in harsh growing environments. And, because the system does not use ducting, it also discourages cross-contamination.

Better Yields with Temperature Control

Cannabis growers have unique operations and they need consistent systems, as well as flexibility, throughout the crop growing cycle.  Each DeltaCool™ system is customized to suit a growing operation’s characteristics. 

Unlike evaporative cooling, DeltaCool™ systems are designed to pump cold water through a loop piping system from a chiller through a heat exchanger and over fan coils, for precise distribution of cool air throughout the growing range. This gives growers control of optimum temperature. 

Chilled water cooling also accommodates individual temperature zones, giving each grower maximum flexibility in the growing space.

The DeltaCool™ System provides consistent and precise cooling and humidity controls

The DeltaCool™ System provides consistent and precise cooling and humidity controls.



Precise Control for Your Environment

A typical DeltaCool™ chilled water cooling system incorporates a horticultural environmental controller to regulate the chilled water cooling system — giving growers fingertip control of their growing environment. 

The goal is consistent control of humidity and temperature — so important for healthy growing.  With direct digital controls, growers can operate the system remotely and monitor it around the clock. 

Because hydronic cooling and heating systems operate very efficiently, cannabis growers can realize significant energy savings over other HVAC options.

Comparison of Chilled Water vs. Traditional HVAC Systems



Chilled water cooling

Standard HVAC systems


Regulates water temperature for consistent, precise cooling & humidity control

Continual dehumidification with inconsistent humidity levels (not controllable)

Chiller units

Heavy-duty, industrial grade

Uses condensers rather than cold water chiller

Fan coils

Industrial, galvanized steel in two sizes

No fan coils, expensive duct work

Environmental control unit

Integrated within system design

Standard wall thermostats

Energy efficiency

High efficiency

Low efficiency


For more specifics and to find out how a DeltaCool™ Chilled Water Cooling system can benefit your operation, contact Delta T Solutions at 800-552-5058 or info@deltatsolutions.com.

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